As always said, the authentic mineral appears in difficult times, and this has been demonstrated by all employees of the Iraq Renewal Foundation for Economic Development.

where the Rana Center of the Iraqi Renewal Corporation – Tikrit – Salah al-Din continues to support it by manufacturing 100 mask (medical mask) providing 100 medical gloves daily and distribute them to camps in the regions

(Shishan District 1, Shishan District, the poor neighborhoods, Salama, Salama Al-Gabalia neighborhood, Al-Ishaqi camp) In addition to carrying out activities aimed at raising the level of health awareness about the dangers of Corona virus and ways to prevent it while distributing masks and gloves to the previously mentioned areas,

The team also visited Ishaqi camp this week and distributed dignity funds to women and girls, who number (90) women and girls, with awareness sessions on how to prevent the spread of the Corona virus while adhering to health guidelines in the world. The health organization in addition to introducing how to deal with cases of violence that women and girls may be exposed to is a curfew in light of such cases occurring recently.

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