TAJDID Iraq is an Iraqi non-profit organization run by a board of directors, and founded by three founders, who have a wide experience in operating and administrating multi-types of economical activities and projects in Iraq. The Board of Directors is elected by the general board of the organization legally and according to the rules of the bylaw of the organization.
The Board of Directors is responsible for following up and monitoring all the works of the organization continuously besides determining mistakes and giving appropriate directions and solutions to fix them up.

TAJDID Iraq is run by the executive administration represented by the CEO, whom the Board of Directors granted him executive powers. To the Board of Directors, he holds responsibility for implementing the organization’s works in addition to representing the organization at all official Departments and Governmental/Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Deputy Executive Officer assists the Executive Officer in managing the Organization’s administrational works in addition to operations like managing the Human Resources, Finance, Assets, Inventories and other activities.