Inventory control

March 3rd, 2016 | #TAJDID-NEWS

As  an  inventory  control  professional,  you  probably  already  know  what  to  do  to forecast future inventory needs … maintain acceptable levels of

inventory and safety stock … and keep accurate inventory records.

But in a world filled with human error … lost and misplaced overstock … and unrealistic demands from customers, coworkers, management, vendors and suppliers, you need real-world answers about HOW you can organize, build and maintain the smoothest-running inventory management system possible.

Introducing a new inventory control course for managers, supervisors, clerks, technicians – warehouse professionals – everyone who carries the burden of maintaining the efficiency of one of your company’s largest assets – its inventory.

When you attend this course, you’ll learn how to gain buy-in for your inventory processes from everyone up and down the corporate ladder … simplify your cycle counting program and annual physical inventory procedures … and keep inventory levels down, customer satisfaction high – and profits up!

During this course you’ll learn to:

  • Determine which       inventory        management          system        works       best       for your unique situation
  • Quickly and easily forecast your company’s needs better and keep inventory to a minimum
  • Improve inventory record accuracy to 95% or MORE!
  • Eliminate dead stock and get slow-moving inventory out the door
  • Create a cycle-counting program that could eliminate your annual inventory
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