Saja, Salwa success story

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Saja and Salwa are two girls in their prime of youth. They reconsider their decision and lifestyle when they positively respond to the first psychological aid and the listening session which TAJDID social workers give to displaced girls and women (IDPs) who survived (GBV) in women centers. Saja, the (15) years old displaced girl from Talafar. Saja lives now in Babylon province \Hilla. She left her school because of the displacement as well as social, economic circumstances and life tensions around her. But, now she decided to return to school and resume her study. She is now in the second class at the secondary school. She is working hard to keep leading her class. She is full of hope now to build a promising future and make her life dreams come true. On the other hand, Salwa is a beautiful girl with a sense of art, a wonderful imagination and a sensitive feelings, she regain her creative ability, returned to school and she practices her hobbies after she was suffering from a psychological shock because of the displacement and the kidnapping of her parent. So, she draws paintings with creativity from her wonderful imagination to symbolize her dreams with all things that she faced through this period of time which she suffered from a difficult circumstances then return to make her dreams in life come true after all difficulties.


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